GapFiller - Assistant

What is the GapFiller Assistant?

Many researchers know this problem: The family tree grows to a size,
the user has no overview of any more. You do not know where to start,
where to search, and where you have searched already.
The planning process of genealogy research can be very exhausting.

But wait! Fill your gaps with GAP now!

"GAP" means Genealogy Assistance Programme, but it also means "gap",
and this is what the GapFiller Assistant was made for!
The GapFiller Assistant generates automatically a list with all missing
information, to search for. Of course there is a comfortable export-function too.

How does the "GapFiller Assistant" work?

The GapFiller Assistant scans all family tree data, and creates tree lists:

  • List A: Missing Information
    This list shows all missing information of the familytree data.
  • List B: Missing Information (searched unsuccessfully already)
    This list is editable by the user. The user can mark all information
    he has already searched, but could not find.
  • List C: Missing Information (yet to search)
    This list shows all entries of list A except for all exceptions,
    the user has entered in list B.
    Therefore the list shows all information yet to search for.

Screenshot of GapFiller Assistant