FamilyTree Administration

What does the FamilyTree Administration offer?

General / Adminstration of Data

  • Adminsitration of all Individuals and Families in your family tree
  • Exportfunction for all research data as CSV-Table
  • GEDCOM File Import and Export

Graphics / Diagrams

  • Many settings for the familytree diagram creation process with over 60 editable properties!
  • Four types of FamilyTreeDiagrams
    • Type 1 : AncestorsDiagram
    • Type 2 : DescendantsDiagram
    • Type 3 : ButterflyDiagram A
      Ancestors and Descendants of Selected Person
    • Type 4 : ButterflyDiagram B
      Ancestors and Descendants of Selected Person and Spouse
  • Diagramm-Export Possibilities
    • Save as PNG File
    • Save as SVG File (vector-graphic to edit in other graphic programmes)

Screenshot of FamilyTree Administration