About GAP

What is "G.A.P." ?

The Genealogy Assistance Programme GAP ist a powerful software for Desktop PCs,
to simply genealogy-researches. GAP is offered as freeware, and brings along five basic functions.

With GAP you can customize the design of familytree diagrams
and individualize the administration of research-data.

In contrast to other genealogy software GAP accentuates an easy,
clear and relevant way of genealogy researches.

Furthermore GAP brings along five powerful basic functions like the "FamilyTree Administration",
an usefull "PhotoAlbum Administration", an ingenious "Source Administration", as well as a
geographic location administration "GeoGen" and the famous "GapFiller Assistant".

Of Course you can Import and Export GEDCOM-Files with GAP, too.

About the Author / Programmer / Software-Developer

My Name is Kevin Riehl, I am twenty years old, and I count genealogy
and software developement to my hobbies for a long time.
Beside my studies at the Darmstadt Institute of Technology (Germany) I work on
GAP in my free time, because I wanted to use a software for my own researches, which offers
more space for individual administration of data and especially settings for the design of
familytree diagrams.

There are many good freeware-software alternatives on the internet, but most of them
either offer an overtaxing number of functions, that most users do not need,
or functions that are not or bad implemented.


  • One major goal of GAP for me was to develop a software, which offers the five basic functions,
    and which narrows done to the relevant things of genealogy.

  • In addition to that, the portability of data is very important, so it should be easy to export the results
    of the researches in an easy way, to make them processable in other ways.

  • Another goal, that drived the developement, was to create a software, that creates beautiful diagrams,
    that can be customized to individual demands. Most of the softwares do not offer that.
    It was also important for me, to make these diagrams exportable as vector-graphic-files,
    to offer the user the possibility to edit the diagrams in other software, especially for graphics.

What "G.A.P." not is

GAP does not want to be ONE programme for EVERYTHING, but on the other hand you can use it that way.

Usually the demanding researcher uses different softwares parallelly,
to profit from the best out of different softwares.
GAP wants to supplement the genealogy-freeware-landscape, and this exactly by
narrowing down to the relevant things of genealogy and by assisting the user.

The Five Basic Functions of GAP

To learn more about the functions, just click on the pictures.

FamilyTree Administration

PhotoAlbum Administration

Source Administration

GeoGen - GEO Administration

GapFiller Assistant